FONS Reports

It provides summary and detailed managerial reports
necessary for the management and control of individual
sections of a medical facility.

FONS Reports

FONS Reports gives summary and detailed managerial reports necessary for the management and control of individual sections of a medical facility. This product includes a dedicated interface for management intended for monitoring key control indicators. Another comprehensive user interface is excellent for looking for causes and connections mainly due to the possibility of breaking down to primary data and setting custom filters and dimensions.

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+15 %

increase in the payments from health insurance companies

75 %

decrease in the regulatory deductions

+10 %

increase in the efficiency of care provision

Payment regulation

This is focused on controlling payment limits, always related to a specific contract of
a provider with a specific payer. In addition to the limits, a welcome benefit is making payment models according to current trends in provided care and monitoring whether the restrictive limits are met from the global point of view. This gives the chance to react in time or correct the care provided and the volume of care reported.


This monitors parameters of the efficiency of care provided. It provides management with current and valid data for making strategic decisions such as the use of the bed fund or the efficiency of outpatient care.


It monitors consistently prescribing, provides control over the observance of so-called positive lists and helps to evaluate prescribing medicines on prescriptions and vouchers broken down to a doctor or patient.

Personnel management

It solves the daily reporting of selected personnel indicators such as taking holidays, overtime, costs of training, and the like. These data are made accessible to the entire top management and middle management levels.


It enables to monitor the collection of prescriptions, the volume of purchases by supplier, the volume of sales in a public pharmacy, and the like. Measures resulting from the evaluation of the collection of prescriptions may increase this collection, for example.

Expert consulting services

These are highly regarded services of experts concerning the method and methodology for reporting provided care and contractual relations with payers that bring detailed calculations of assumed payments taking account of all reported care, payment amendments and annexes to contracts with payers. From the viewpoint of reporting itself, it brings a detailed analysis of data reported and charged to insurance companies – it often finds out many defects in observing the methodology for reporting and the methodology for DRG. An output of measures that react to conclusions, analyses and findings may be that care recognized by a payer is increased by an amount in the order of up to millions Czech crowns.


This is a basic view that, in addition to displaying all essential indicators (both point indicators and production from the DRG system) in a well arranged way, also enables to compare with the production plan. Due to this, it is easy to monitor extraordinary expensive care, aggregated services or requested care, for example.


It gives an overview of store management, suppliers, and consumption (consumable medical supplies and material and technical supplies) – this is the reporting of stock movements, including consignment stores and stores in departments, which can result in savings having an amount in the order of up to millions Czech crowns.


It realizes the daily reporting of selected economic indicators and makes them accessible usually to the entire top management and middle management levels. The system includes the creation of evaluation sheets (economic and production parameters in one report). It secondarily saves investments in economic software licences.

Controlling of DRG cases

It presents data for taking strategic decisions about the structure and spectrum of provided care that it would be difficult to obtain in a different way. The profit and loss rates of individual DRG bases can be analysed both in terms of time and compared with other medical facilities or with the EMU.


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